Bike Servicing

Does your bike require some TLC?

Just like a car, your bike will need ongoing maintenance and regular services to keep it in good working order.

Without regular maintenance your bike may begin to behave differently. It might make a noise that you haven’t heard before, or it might feel strange to ride.

Whatever the issue, our staff are here to help you. Our team of experienced and qualified bike mechanics will find and diagnose any problem areas.

We will provide advice on the solution, and where needed we will supply and fit new parts to get you riding again as quickly as possible!

We will also provide advice on any maintenance questions you may have, and we’ll also be happy to help show you how to look after your bike at home.

If your bike is behaving badly or if it hasn’t been serviced in some time then be sure to book your bike in for a service.

  • Safety checks
  • Annual servicing
  • Prestige servicing
  • Wheel true and builds
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding
  • Di2 Updates
  • Headsets and bottom brackets
Our friendly bike mechanics are here to help you
Our friendly bike mechanics are here to help you