Choosing Accessories

Get expert advice on clothing and accessories

Choosing your accessories can be just as difficult as choosing your bike! But never fear, the Speeds Cycles team are here to help!

We’ll discuss the different brands and options we have in store, and determine with you which products best meet your needs.

As both stores are staffed by keen cyclists, you can be sure that the advice we give you is based on both personal experience and an understanding of your individual needs.

We’ll help you find clothing combination that’s right for you, the most comfortable shoes to ride in, the right pedal system for your style of bike and riding, the right lights to help you stay safe and the right locks to keep your bike secure.

We’re also here to provide advice on replacement components such as handlebar tape, tyres, brake pads and other consumables.

  • Clothing for men, women and children
  • Helmets for toddlers, children and adults
  • Lights, locks and mudguards
  • Saddle bags, racks and panniers
  • Shoes, pedals and cleats
  • Consumables and components
We have everything you need to ride comfortably and confidently!
From locks to lights and everything in between - we've got you covered!