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Massive Savings on Suarez and Endura Clothing

Massive Savings on Suarez and Endura Clothing

Posted | 23rd Feb 2015

As well as offering a number of Trek bikes at discounted prices we are also running a huge sale on cycling garments and clothing!

We have massively reduced prices on Suarez jerseys, Suarez bib shorts and Endura jerseys.

Make sure that you don’t miss out and pop in store to try on our discounted cycle clothing for size!

Suarez Cycle Clothing Sale

We have a wide range of Suarez jerseys in black, blue and red. Normally these jerseys retail at £45.99, but we are selling them at just £30 per jersey. We have a range of sizes available for you to try, from Small to XXL.

We also have a number of  Suarez bibshorts on offer. Normally the bibshorts would retail at £79.99, but again these are available at a one off price of just £30.

Please bear in mind that Suarez cycle clothing is Columbian sizing, and like Italian cycle clothing you may have to buy a different size than usual. Our general rule of thumb is to try on garments that are one to two sizes bigger than you would usually buy.

Endura Clothing Sale

We also have a number of Endura jerseys and baselayers, including Humvee jerseys and Rapido jerseys, all at discounted prices, ranging from£15 to £30.

Like the Suarez sale items, we have garments in size Small up to XXL and it is best to come and try on before you buy.

Try Before You Buy

You can try on any of our garments in our changing room, situated downstairs.

Please note that this is a sale of end of line stock, we can not order other sizes in of these products and still offer discounted prices.

Grab yourself a bargain buy before the summer starts!

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Speeds Cycles Shop Rides Starting in Spring

Speeds Cycles Shop Rides Starting in Spring

Posted | 11th Feb 2015

As spring draws closer the staff here at Speeds Cycles have been discussing shop rides. We help people every day find their perfect bike and we love the idea of riding with our customers, sharing adventures and exploring new routes.

From March 2015 we will be launching a number of shop rides designed to appeal to people of all abilities. Closer to the time we will confirm more of the details, but for now here’s an overview of what we will be offering.

Thurs Night Fast Paced Bike Ride with Kevin and Owen

Kevin and Owen, both regulars of the Saracen Road Club A group, will be running a 30 mile ride to Worcester and back on Thursday evening. The group will leave the store shortly after closing time at 6:30pm.

This ride will average between 17 and 19mph, so it’s a quick pace. The ride would make use of the quieter country lanes between Bromsgrove and Droitwich, although some main roads will be used.

For more information about this shop bike ride, contact Owen and he’d be happy to tell you more.

Thurs Night Gentle Bike Ride with Martin

If Kevin and Owen’s ride is a little quicker than you’re comfortable with then perhaps you’d like to try a ride with Martin? Martin’s 20 mile ride would average more around the 13 to 15mph range, suitable for both road bikes and hybrids.

Martin will be riding his bike loaded, as part of his training for the Transcontinental Race, which will take him from Belgium to Istanbul, later this year. Martin’s ride would leave from the store around 6:30pm, the same time as Kevin and Owen’s ride.

Thurs Morning Women Only Bike Ride with Hannah

As a result of the growing number of women buying and riding road bikes I will personally be leading a Thursday morning women only bike ride from the store. This ride would start outside the store for 10:30am, and riders can expect a route of 20 to 30 miles, riding at around 15mph pace.

This is a great opportunity for women lacking in confidence to learn about riding on the road and in a group. It’s also a good way for more confident riders to get in a few miles.

Once the ride is finished, I will then be going on to do a leg breaking route around the Lickeys as part of my training, and riders would be welcome to accompany me on this additional ride.

For more info about my shop ride you can email me directly!

Weekend Coastal Bike Rides and Overnight Camping with Martin

Martin is keen to both test out his kit and get some miles into his legs ahead of his Flanders to Istanbul bike ride, which is due to start in  run through til August.

Between March and August Martin is looking to run monthly coastal bike rides, to include overnight camping, which he would like to share with customers looking for cycling short breaks.

The rides would be self supported, which means carrying your own camping kit and equipment and would be around 70 miles each way. However, if camping isn’t your thing an alternative would be to book a bike friendly B&B near to the finish point. The rides would leave on a Saturday morning with a return for Sunday afternoon and would be a great way of cycling throughout the weekend.

The coastal rides aren’t yet confirmed as we don’t yet know if we will have the numbers. If you think this is something you would be interested in or if you’d like to join Martin on the slower paced Thursday night ride you can get in touch with Martin directly.

Guidelines to Particpating In a Shop Bike Ride

Obviously, for the purposes of both safety and enjoyment, we have to set some guidelines about how the shop rides will operate.

Riders will be expected to arrive with the appropriate clothing and kit for the ride. We will ask that anyone riding with us uses a good fitting helmet and lights (if the conditions require lighting).

Riders will be expected to be fairly self sufficient. This means carrying a spare tube, puncture repair patches, pump, fluids and food. You should know how to change a tube on the road. If you’re not sure, pop in store and ask one of our staff to give you a demo before attending a shop ride. If you have a health condition, such as asthma, please remember to bring your medication.

Riders will be expected to ride on bikes that are in good working order. If you have any concerns about the safety or performance of your bike please make an appointment with workshop to get a qualified mechanic to cast his trained eye over your bicycle.

Riders will be expected to obey the highway code and to be courteous towards other road users. We will stop at red lights, we will give way when it is appropriate to do so and we will look out for ourselves, each other and other road users. Riders will be expected to listen to advice and instructions given by ride leaders.

Digital maps and possibly Garmin files will be provided to riders ahead of a ride, so that everyone knows the route.

Most importantly, we want both our staff and our customers to enjoy the shop rides. We have run them in the past and they have been a great success, and we’re keen to reinstate the tradition and offer great experiences to our customers and fellow riders. If you have any ideas or feedback that you wish to share please do so and we’ll take all comments on board.

Having once been a Speeds customer that attended shop rides, I can honestly say that I am stoked to now be a staff member looking at leading a shop ride! I hope as many of you that are able to join us do so and that we can all start enjoying the road together.


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This Girl Can - Women on Two Wheels

This Girl Can – Women on Two Wheels

Posted | 2nd Feb 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving the #ThisGirlCan adverts on TV. With great footage of women enjoying a wide variety of sports coupled with fantastic slogans such as “I jiggle, therefore I am” and “Sweating like a pig. Feeling like a fox.” it’s hard not to get on board with the positivity from this uber upbeat campaign.

As a woman partial to a number of sports (cycling, swimming and running) I immediately got on board and signed Speeds Cycles up to the campaign. However, this decision was not just fuelled by my own passion for health and fitness.

During January, we have seen a phenomenal number of women take to two wheels. Normally, our female customers are interested in hybrids, such as the Trek FX range, which enable them to commute to work comfortably, lose weight and get in shape and take the kids out for rides around the park – and that’s awesome. In fact, that’s what the #ThisGirlCan campaign is about.

But during the last month we have seen a considerable number of women choose road bikes instead, and for me that’s incredibly inspiring.

Women on Road Bikes

The aggressive nature of the road bike’s design, with it’s dropped handlebars and slim, slick tyres, tends to put most women off, especially those new to cycling.

However, I can personally say that riding a road bike is phenomenally good fun. Personally, I feel that my road bikes, whether they are geared, single speed or fixed, offer me freedom and independence, and my road bikes allow me to cover distances I just couldn’t do on a  hybrid. And it appears I’m not the only one with a passion for this style of bike.

We’re seeing a rise in female customers choosing road bikes. During January, we helped:

Abi – Abi is a young student residing in Rednal preparing to ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats as part of her DoE. Abi is going to be riding this popular cycling challenge with a number of her friends later on this year, and was looking for a comfortable, high quality alloy road bike that she could use to train on and for the event itself. We paired Abi up with her perfect match, a Trek Lexa SLX, the top bike from the Lexa range.

Andrea - Andrea and her husband Chris live in Bromsgrove and have both been looking at road bikes for a while. Like Abi, Andrea wanted a bike that enabled her to cover some distance comfortably. She had a budget of around £1000, and with this in mind we decided that her best match was the same bike as Abi, the Lexa SLX. (Chris is considering treating himself to an Emonda SL6 – the Emonda range also includes Women’s Specific Design (WSD) models.)

Anna – Anna wanted a road bike that she could use for both training and her triathlon events. Anna is new to triathlon but keen to do well, and wanted a quality road bike at a reasonable price.  Together we decided that the Trek Lexa S was the best fit for her needs, as it is the same model I personally started on and I now use mine as a winter bike.

Sylvia - Sylvia knew right from the get go that she wanted a high end carbon road bike, as she already owns an alloy road bike and a mountain bike. Like Anna, Sylvia wants to compete in a  number of triathlons this year and wanted a bike that would be comfortable but quick. Based on her needs we decided that the best bike for Sylvia was the Trek Silque SL, which is a hybrid design that utilises the comfort considerations of the Domane frame design but the speed and handling of the Madone forks.

Georgina - Georgina is yet another budding triathlete (can you see a pattern emerging here?) who wanted an entry level road bike that would enable her to compete in local events. Georgina wanted a competitive edge, so this bike and the accessories fell within her price range and the bike has the scope to either be upgraded ata  later date for better performance or used as a winter road bike.

Jen – Jen originally wanted t purchase a new hybrid bike as her goal was to improve her fitness and enjoy some additional leisure riding. Jen had been riding an old mountain bike, and after some initial research and a chat with her friends she decided to check out the road bike options. After test riding one or two models Jen became hooked on the idea of a road bike and opted for the Lexa SL, which utilises the trip chainset gearing of a hybrid but offers the racy position of a road bike.

2015 Silque SL

2015 Silque SL -RRP £2200

2015 Lexa S

2015 Lexa S – RRP £650

2015 Lexa SLX

2015 Lexa SLX – RRP £1100

2015 Lexa SL

2015 Lexa SL – RRP £750










Women in Cycling Clubs and Competitions

Not only are we seeing a rise in women on road bikes in store, we’re also noticing a rise in the number of women joining local cycling clubs and riding regularly. Even during the last few weekends, when the weather has been sketchy at best, I’ve seen a number of female cyclists working hard on the roads.

When I joined the Saracen Road Club last June I knew that the club had a handful of female riders, but in the last six months the club has grown considerably and the Saracens now have enough women riding regularly to enter a team in the Midlands Women’s Time Trial Series; and I’m delighted to say that I am one of the women on the Saracen’s team!

My first event is in April, so I’m getting in some miles on my Trek Lexa S and some lengths in the pool in preparation! The series is partly sponsored by Trek Bicycle Store Coventry - so I’ll certainly be riding some of my events on my Trek Domane 5.2 as well as my fixed.

The Saracens aren’t the only cycling club to have a female contingent, there’s also Bromsgrove Olympique and Halesowen. Personally, I love riding in a mixed group, as I find it helps to push my limits and encourages me to be more competitive. However, if you’re looking for a female only cycling club then be sure to check out Hopwood Ladies and Women on Wheels.

#ThisGirlCan Ride On Two Wheels

You only have to watch the #ThisGirlCan advert to know that this campaign isn’t designed with just the superfit in mind. It’s aimed at women, of all ages, across the length and breadth of the country.

It’s designed to encourage women to get involved with one form of sport or another. Whether it’s cycling, spinning, swimming, running, dancing or working out, there is a sport out there that you will enjoy. It’s about shrugging off the fear and worry about the way we look when we work out, and about embracing the fact that when we look a mess it’s because we are at our best.

This Girl Can - Cycling with friends

This Girl Can – Cycling with friends

This Girl Can is all about getting women together, socialising and supporting each other online. having fun and getting fit and healthy in the process. This national campaign is being run by Sport England and is Lotto funded. It’s a great campaign, with a great message, and over the coming months Speeds Cycles will be incorporating the message and ethos of the campaign into our daily practices.

I am already offering solo rides to female customers on Thursdays, but I will soon be starting a female only ride from around Bromsgrove for women only that will start outside our store. More info on this to come soon! If you’d like more information on the #ThisGirlCan campaign, road bikes, local cycling clubs, the Midlands women’s TT series or anything else I’ve written about feel free to email me!

Be sure to follow the This Girl Can campaign and Speeds Cycles on Facebook.

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Manager’s Sale – Special Offer on 2014 Bikes

Posted | 26th Jan 2015

Speeds Cycles is pleased to announce it’s spring sale on 2014 Trek models. A full list of our sale bikes can be found in this blog post, along with images of each bike and links to more details.

The following models are available for you to try and buy from our store. Advice on the type of bike that best suits your style of riding as well as bike sizing is always provided, and you can take a bike out for a test ride with a member of our team before you buy.

If you’re looking for a new road bike, hybrid or mountain bike then now is the time to pop into our Bromsgrove bike shop! Alternatively, call us on 01527 872394 or email us to arrange a time that suits you to view any of the bikes we have for sale.

2014 Trek Men’s Road Bikes for Sale

Madone 2.1 – 58cm frame – Trek Black/Trek Charcoal - Was £1,000 – NOW £850

Madone 2.1 – 56cm frame – Crystal White - Was £1,000 – NOW £850

Madone 3.1 – 56cm frame – Trek Charcoal/Trek Black – Was £1,500 - NOW £1350

Madone 4.5 – 56cm frame – Placid Blue/Crystal White - Custom build ex demo bike – Valued £3500 - NOW £1,800

Domane 4.3 – 56cm frame – Liquid Blue/Trek White - Was £1,800 – NOW £1,620

Domane 4.0 – 54cm frame – Starry Night Black/Viper Red - Was £1,500 – NOW £1,350

Trek 1.2 – 56cm frame – Placid Blue (with upgraded nude carbon forks) – Was £650 – NOW £585

2014 Madone 2.1 Trek Black Trek Charcoal - £850

Madone 2.1 Trek Black Trek Charcoal – £850

2014 Madone 2.1 Crystal White - £850

Madone 2.1 Crystal White – £850

2014 Madone 3.1 Trek Charcoal Trek Black

Madone 3.1 Trek Charcoal Trek Black – £1350

2014 Madone 4.5 Placid Blue Crystal White - £1800

Madone 4.5 Placid Blue Crystal White – £1800

2014 Domane 4.3 Liquid Blue Trek White - £1620

2014 Domane 4.3 Liquid Blue Trek White – £1620

2014 Domane 4.0 Starry Night Black Viper Red - £1350

Domane 4.0 Starry Night Black Viper Red – £1350




2014 Trek 1.2 Road Bike - £585

2014 Trek 1.2 Road Bike – £585













2014 Trek Women’s Road Bikes for Sale

Lexa SL T – 56cm frame – Matte Trek Black with hot pink trim - Was £875 – NOW £745

Lexa SL T – 47cm frame – Matte Trek Black with hot pink trim – Was £875 – NOW £745

2014 Lexa SL

2014 Lexa SL T – £745





2014 Trek Hybrid Bikes for Sale

7.2 FX Disc – 17.5″ frame – Matte Trek Black with gloss red trim- Was £475 – NOW £425

2014 7.2 FX Disc

2014 7.2 FX Disc – £425





2014 Mountain Bikes for Sale

Genesis Mantle – 19″ frame – Gloss black with green trim – Was £749 – NOW £675

Genesis Mantle – 20″ frame – Gloss black with green trim  - Was £749 – NOW £675


2013 Bikes Still Up For Grabs!!!

As well as having a number of 2014 models for sale we also have a handful of 2013 bikes that we still have in stock that need to be sold!

2013 Trek Men’s Road Bikes for Sale

Trek 1.5 - 56cm frame – Blue Ink/Crystal White - Was £850 - NOW £680

Genesis Volant – 54cm frame – White frame with black trim - Was £899.99 - NOW £765

2013 Trek 1.5 Blue Ink Crystal White

Trek 1.5 Blue Ink Crystal White – £680






2013 Trek Women’s Road Bikes for Sale

Lexa C – 52cm frame – Gunmetal grey with yellow detail - Was £575 - NOW £475

Lexa C – 54cm frame – Gunmetal grey with yellow detail - Was £575 - NOW £475

Lexa SL – 47cm frame – Crystal White/Washed Denim – Was £850 - NOW £720

2013 Lexa C

2013 Lexa C – £475

2013 Lexa SL T Crystal White Washed Denim

Lexa SL T Crystal White Washed Denim – £720






2013 Trek Hybrid Bikes for Sale

7.4 FX Disc – 20″ frame – Colour - Was £675 - NOW £570

2013 Trek Mountain Bikes for Sale

Fuel EX 5 – 18.5″ – Colour – Was £1400 – NOW £1190


And Finally….

We have a 17.5″ 2011 8000 MTB that is in DESPERATE need of permanent home.

We honestly don’t know how this hasn’t found itself an owner but we’re determined to help this awesome MTB find it’s bike buddy; which is why we have reduced it’s original RRP of £1600 to just £1100.

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Support Cycling in the UK

Posted | 24th Jan 2015

A member of the Saracen Road Club has posted the following text to the club’s forum and I thought it would be a good idea to share this:

At the beginning of next week, your MP will have a chance to make not only a difference to cycling but also to the future health and economy of the country.

As CTC’s research issued today has shown, with ambition, leadership and long-term funding commitment between now and 2050 cycling could bring economic benefits worth £248bn. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 times the General Government’s Net Borrowing in 2013-14, or 4.5 times health care spending in England at 2012-13 levels. Many of these benefits come not only through improved health but also through reduced congestion and better air quality.

£248bn in economic benefits is a target worth aiming for, and next week on Monday 26 January your MP can help make it happen.

CTC in coalition with other partners is supporting an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill which would create a legally binding Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. In just the same way as our railways can plan for the long term future, and our roads too through the Infrastructure Bill, so could cycling through this amendment.

All you need do is contact your MP and help get us that one step closer to a UK which cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy.