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Manager’s Sale – Special Offer on 2014 Bikes

Posted | 26th Jan 2015

Speeds Cycles is pleased to announce it’s spring sale on 2014 Trek models. A full list of our sale bikes can be found in this blog post, along with images of each bike and links to more details.

The following models are available for you to try and buy from our store. Advice on the type of bike that best suits your style of riding as well as bike sizing is always provided, and you can take a bike out for a test ride with a member of our team before you buy.

If you’re looking for a new road bike, hybrid or mountain bike then now is the time to pop into our Bromsgrove bike shop! Alternatively, call us on 01527 872394 or email us to arrange a time that suits you to view any of the bikes we have for sale.

2014 Trek Men’s Road Bikes for Sale

Madone 2.1 – 58cm frame – Trek Black/Trek Charcoal - Was £1,000 – NOW £850

Madone 2.1 – 56cm frame – Crystal White - Was £1,000 – NOW £850

Madone 3.1 – 56cm frame – Trek Charcoal/Trek Black – Was £1,500 - NOW £1350

Madone 4.5 – 56cm frame – Placid Blue/Crystal White - Custom build ex demo bike – Valued £3500 - NOW £1,800

Domane 4.3 – 56cm frame – Liquid Blue/Trek White - Was £1,800 – NOW £1,620

Domane 4.0 – 54cm frame – Starry Night Black/Viper Red - Was £1,500 – NOW £1,350

Trek 1.2 – 56cm frame – Placid Blue (with upgraded nude carbon forks) – Was £650 – NOW £585

Trek 1.2 – 60cm frame – Placid Blue – Was £650 – NOW £585

2014 Madone 2.1 Trek Black Trek Charcoal - £850

Madone 2.1 Trek Black Trek Charcoal – £850

2014 Madone 2.1 Crystal White - £850

Madone 2.1 Crystal White – £850

2014 Madone 3.1 Trek Charcoal Trek Black

Madone 3.1 Trek Charcoal Trek Black – £1350

2014 Madone 4.5 Placid Blue Crystal White - £1800

Madone 4.5 Placid Blue Crystal White – £1800

2014 Domane 4.3 Liquid Blue Trek White - £1620

2014 Domane 4.3 Liquid Blue Trek White – £1620

2014 Domane 4.0 Starry Night Black Viper Red - £1350

Domane 4.0 Starry Night Black Viper Red – £1350




2014 Trek 1.2 Road Bike - £585

2014 Trek 1.2 Road Bike – £585













2014 Trek Women’s Road Bikes for Sale

Lexa SL T – 56cm frame – Matte Trek Black with hot pink trim - Was £875 – NOW £745

Lexa SL T – 47cm frame – Matte Trek Black with hot pink trim – Was £875 – NOW £745

2014 Lexa SL

2014 Lexa SL T – £745





2014 Trek Hybrid Bikes for Sale

7.2 FX Disc – 17.5″ frame – Matte Trek Black with gloss red trim- Was £475 – NOW £425

2014 7.2 FX Disc

2014 7.2 FX Disc – £425





2014 Mountain Bikes for Sale

Genesis Mantle – 19″ frame – Gloss black with green trim – Was £749 – NOW £675

Genesis Mantle – 20″ frame – Gloss black with green trim  - Was £749 – NOW £675


2013 Bikes Still Up For Grabs!!!

As well as having a number of 2014 models for sale we also have a handful of 2013 bikes that we still have in stock that need to be sold!

2013 Trek Men’s Road Bikes for Sale

Trek 1.5 - 56cm frame – Blue Ink/Crystal White - Was £850 - NOW £680

Genesis Volant – 54cm frame – White frame with black trim - Was £899.99 - NOW £765

2013 Trek 1.5 Blue Ink Crystal White

Trek 1.5 Blue Ink Crystal White – £680






2013 Trek Women’s Road Bikes for Sale

Lexa C – 52cm frame – Gunmetal grey with yellow detail - Was £575 - NOW £475

Lexa C – 54cm frame – Gunmetal grey with yellow detail - Was £575 - NOW £475

Lexa SL – 47cm frame – Crystal White/Washed Denim – Was £850 - NOW £720

2013 Lexa C

2013 Lexa C – £475

2013 Lexa SL T Crystal White Washed Denim

Lexa SL T Crystal White Washed Denim – £720






2013 Trek Hybrid Bikes for Sale

7.4 FX Disc – 20″ frame – Colour - Was £675 - NOW £570

2013 Trek Mountain Bikes for Sale

Fuel EX 5 – 18.5″ – Colour – Was £1400 – NOW £1190


And Finally….

We have a 17.5″ 2011 8000 MTB that is in DESPERATE need of permanent home.

We honestly don’t know how this hasn’t found itself an owner but we’re determined to help this awesome MTB find it’s bike buddy; which is why we have reduced it’s original RRP of £1600 to just £1100.

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Support Cycling in the UK

Posted | 24th Jan 2015

A member of the Saracen Road Club has posted the following text to the club’s forum and I thought it would be a good idea to share this:

At the beginning of next week, your MP will have a chance to make not only a difference to cycling but also to the future health and economy of the country.

As CTC’s research issued today has shown, with ambition, leadership and long-term funding commitment between now and 2050 cycling could bring economic benefits worth £248bn. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 times the General Government’s Net Borrowing in 2013-14, or 4.5 times health care spending in England at 2012-13 levels. Many of these benefits come not only through improved health but also through reduced congestion and better air quality.

£248bn in economic benefits is a target worth aiming for, and next week on Monday 26 January your MP can help make it happen.

CTC in coalition with other partners is supporting an amendment to the Infrastructure Bill which would create a legally binding Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy. In just the same way as our railways can plan for the long term future, and our roads too through the Infrastructure Bill, so could cycling through this amendment.

All you need do is contact your MP and help get us that one step closer to a UK which cyclists of all ages and abilities can enjoy.

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Be Sure to Secure Your Bike

Posted | 21st Jan 2015

The day you collect your brand new bike is one to be remembered. It feels amazing to go out on that first ride knowing that all your hard work and savings was worthwhile, because a bicycle, after all, is an investment in both your health and happiness.

It’s no wonder then that it’s so heartbreaking when a bike is stolen. Unfortunately, as you may have seen on the Speeds Cycles Facebook page, there have been a number of cycle thefts recently in the local area.

Bicycles in both Bromsgrove and Redditch have been stolen from outside homes, schools and public spaces. The problem is that once a bike has been stolen it is very difficult to successfully retrieve it. According to 10 bikes were stolen between June and November 2014 within a mile radius of our Bromsgrove store. None of the bikes have since been reported as recovered.

Protecting Your Bicycle Against Criminals

It’s absolutely essential that you take a number of preventative steps to help protect your bike against theft. This includes investing in at least two good bike locks and registering your bike and frame number with an online service and your home insurance company.

Choosing Your Bike Locks

The first visual deterrent to any thief is a bike lock. However bicycles secured with just one lock aren’t always safe. Our recommendation is to carry at least two different bike locks as this will make it much harder for a thief to take your bicycle or components.

Here at Speeds we stock a number of different bike locks, including:

  • Kryptonite cable locks secured by a combination lock
  • Kryptonite cable locks secured by a key and lock
  • Kryptonite D locks
  • Hiploks

Cable locks are good because they can be used to secure bicycle parts that can be removed,  such as your saddle and wheels, into a fixed position.

D locks are ideal because they are sturdy robust locks that can be used to secure the bicycle frame to a fixture, such as a public bike stand.

Hiploks are handy because they are lightweight but strong locks that can be work around the waist during transmit and they can be used to secure the bike in different ways.

The more locks you have securing your bike, the more of a visual deterrent will be perceived by thieves and the more peace of mind you can have about leaving your bicycle unattended.

Tips for Securing Your Bike

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your bicycle isn’t a target for thieves.

Safety in Numbers – As regular Sunday riders Kevin, Owen and I often have to leave our road bikes unattended during a cafe stop. We always try to leave our prized posessions in spots where we can keep an eye on them from inside the cafe; and we use a cable lock to secure the bikes together, securing them to a fixed post or drainpipe.

Take the Bike Indoors - Occasionally we might nip into Bromsgrove town centre on our bicycle to grab lunch. Many of the cafes in Bromsgrove allow us to wheel the bike inside while we grab a take out sandwich. Always ask permission of the store owner before you bring your bike into a shop.

Look For Bike Lockers - A bike locker offers more protection and peace of mind than securing your bicycle to a post. Unfortunately public bike lockers are, for now, few and far between.

Secure The Bike in A Safe Spot - If you can’t find a bike locker then you need to find a good spot where you can secure your bicycle. A hooped post offers far more protection than a single straight post, as the bike can’t be simply listed off of the post. Use multiple locks to secure the frame, wheels and saddle to your spot, and if possible secure your bicycle in the vicinity of at least one CCTV camera.

Reporting Your Bike As Stolen

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your bike can still end up in the hands of criminals. It’s important that you take a number of steps to prevent someone else claiming your bike as their property and to recover your bike in the event of theft.

Preventative Measures

Make a note of your frame number – Your frame number will be located at the bottom of your bicycle, underneath the bottom bracket. Frame numbers for Trek bikes start with ‘WTU’. If you’re not sure how to find your frame number bring your bicycle in to our store and and we’ll show you exactly where it is!

Take a photo of yourself with your bike – Cinelli launched an Instagram campaign to help their customers prevent theft. Take a photo of yourself with your bicycle or bike frame (with the frame number included in at least one photo) and post them to your Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram feed as proof of ownership.

Look for distinguishing features – Many of us customise our bicycles with accessories, components, stickers and even scuffs and marks. Make a note of the distinguishing features of your bike in case it is stolen.

Add the bike to your home insurance policy – This acknowledges the bicycle as an asset that you own. In the event that your bicycle is stolen and not retrieved you can claim the value of the bike from your home insurance policy.

Register your bike online – Use sites such as Bike Shepard to register your bicycle and to get a free frame sticker that marks the frame as registered with a third party.

Reporting a Bicycle Theft

The moment you realise that your bike is stolen you should:

Report the theft to the police - Be sure to give the police as much information about your bike, the components on it and the location of the theft. Most importantly, get an incident number for the crime.

Report the theft online – Use your social media accounts to report the bike as stolen. Visit your local ‘Spotted:’ Facebook page and ask the admins to report your bike as stolen (send them photos of the bike too) and visit the Stolen Bikes UK Facebook page and website to report your bicycle as missing. You can also report the bike as missing on the Stolen Bikes website. If you’ve registered your bicycle with Bike Shepard or another website report it missing there too.

Report the theft to local bike shops – Visit your local bike shops and give them your bicycle details and frame number.  That way if someone tries to get a repair or upgrade carried out on the bike the staff can notify you immediately.

Monitor online sale websites – Many stolen bikes later end up on eBay or Gumtree, weeks and months after the theft. Monitor online sales sites and keep an eye out for any bikes that look like your own.

If you have any suggestions on ways cyclists can secure their bike or tips on ways to recover a stolen bicycle then please let us know and we’ll add it to this blog post!

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Start The New Year On a Bike!

Posted | 12th Jan 2015

So, we’re already almost halfway into January (the time flies, am I right?!?) and we’ve noticed that our workshop is busy for this time of year! We’ve built a few new bikes for customers and completed many cycle repairs! Incredible, given the weather and time of year!

Why are we so busy, you ask? Because tons of awesome people in Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas have ridden their bikes during 2014, throughout the colder months and into the new year.  Why, just yesterday four out of the five Speeds Cycles staff members  rode their bikes!

Kevin and Owen rode with the Saracen RC A Group from Bromsgrove to Martley and back (riding their fixed bikes… of course!)

I personally rode with the Saracen RC B group, riding 60 miles to the same destination on my single speed setup; and Martin pottered out for a few miles in the afternoon in preparation for his ‘big ride’ later this year (more on that from Martin in the coming weeks and months!).

Temperatures ranged from 9 to 10 degrees Celsius, unusually mild for this time of year, although there was certainly enough in the way of wind! So far, we’ve had a mild winter in comparison to previous years; but the truth is, providing you have the right kit you can ride comfortably in just about any weather.

In fact, Owen and myself went cycling around Bromsgrove in the mist the Sunday previous, on frozen roads. Little droplets of moisture were freezing to our eyelashes! But we still had a fun and safe ride because we were wearing the right kit, with the right parts fitted to our well maintained bikes!

Picking the Right Kit

Being comfortable and being safe can make a big difference to the pleasure gained from a bike ride. If you feel cold or wet, or if you feel you are at risk, then understandably riding your bike will feel like a negative experience.

Picking the right kit, both during the winter and the summer, is essential if you want to have enjoyable bike rides or commutes to work.

Comfort On the Bike

Let’s first talk about on the bike comfort! There are lots of things that can affect your level of comfort while riding a bike. Position, warmth, energy levels and the performance of the bike itself are all factors that make a big difference to the enjoyment you get from a ride on your bicycle.

Position and Posture - If you suffer with any form of back, neck, shoulder, wrist or knee pain, or if your saddle is being a pain in the derrière then pop into our store and have a chat with Owen. He’s our bike fit specialist and he’s very good at helping cyclists to identify the little things on your bike that make a big difference to your comfort. His speciality is road bikes, but he may also be able to help with riders of hybrids. Email Owen to book a bike fit or discuss your aches and issues.

Clothing and Comfort – If the rain is seeping through your clothes or if the windchill is stripping you of body heat then come and have a chat with us about our cycle clothing. We have everything you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable during even the coldest and wettest of weather fronts. Many of our staff commute into work daily no matter the weather so we can offer personal advice and tips on staying warm and dry!

Safe Cycling

It’s really important to us that anyone riding a bike feels safe as well as comfortable. There are some basic safety tips that apply all year around, such as a helmet and bike maintenance, but there are some weather specific safety precautions that you need to be aware of.

Lights and Visibility -Whether you are commuting to and from work or enjoying long weekend rides it’s important to ensure that you can be seen by other road users. Here at Speeds Cycles we carry a selection of lights that range in visibility and price. From just being seen to being able to see we’ve got your light requirements covered. We also carry a range of hi visibility clothing, but if  ‘fluo yellow’ isn’t your thing we also stock Endura and Bontrager items that will help you to be seen.

The Importance of Bike Maintenance  - If you’re bike isn’t regularly maintained both at home by yourself and by a professional bike mechanic then you’ll be riding a bike that feels uncomfortable, performs poorly and could very well be unsafe. Bike maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but many people who book a safety check, annual service or prestige service with us often come back to tell us how awesome their bike feels following some maintenance. Be sure to email our workshop and book your bike in with a mechanic if you’ve noticed any issues while riding your bike this winter.

So, whether it’s time to dig out the bike from the back the garage and get it serviced by one of our qualified and experienced bike mechanics or whether it’s time to buy a new bike; what we can say for certain is now is DEFINITELY the time to get out on your bike! Winter riding can be tons of fun!


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Hannah D

Hello from Hannah Drewett

Posted | 9th Dec 2014

Hello !

Hannah at the shop has informed me that the blog is up and running so going to break the ice and get writing and post lots of pic’s :)

Firstly for those who don’t know me, my name is Hannah Drewett and I am a GB triathlete training and studying  in Leeds. I am 22 years old, originally from Salisbury, and I am currently in my final year at The Leeds University studying sport science.  I am very proud to be sponsored by this amazing shop that all you people are very lucky to have!!

A couple of my main achievements this year were; I qualified for the U23 team for the European Championship in Russia where I  finished 15th in my first major championships. I also got my first ever medal in the British Super Series where I  finished 3rd in the British Sprint Championships. Without the support from the team at Speed Cycles achieving these results would have been made a lot harder. Yet, most importantly I am very lucky  to ride around on one awesome looking bike!! I’m sure many of you that go into the shop have had a sneaky look at the black and green P1… Yes it rides as good as it looks… I hear it is looking very pretty in the front window!!

Just wanted to introduce my self and I am looking forward to posting more blogs for you to read and keep you up to date my progress and my involvement with Speed Cycles

…. more to follow….

Han x



(Liverpool British Sprint championships)