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So be careful when choosing accessories for your new bike. Your new bike comes with the essentials, frame, wheels, seat but not everything you may need for your cycling adventure. There are some essentials and other not so essential items you should consider.


Puncture Repair

Always be prepared to deal with a puncture, so spare tubes, tyre levers and of course a pump are essentail items.


Take a water bottle filled with a refreshing drink, water, squash or energy drink. Food in the form of chewy bars or gel's fit easliy in your pocket.


A helmet, gloves and cycling shortsfor a start. Move on to lightweight waterproofs and cycling shoes as you ride more.
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Water, water everywhere..

Posted | 1st Jul 2013

img_blog_waterRiding a bike can make you thirsty, so unless you intend to just ride to the pub you should think about carrying a drink with you. When you come in store to buy your new bike make sure you ask about adding a bottle cage and water bottle. If you don’t want to add any thing to mar the looks of your gorgeous new bike then think about adding a hydration pack, basically a small ruck sack with a water bladder and drinking tube.

Easy to squeeze, easy to open, and 100% leak-proof, the Bontrager waterbottle features a screw top lid and large opening that makes adding your favorite powdered drink or adding ice a cinch. Easy-open and soft pop-it is gentle on your teeth.

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Mudguards, Racks and Bags

Posted | 15th Jul 2013

One of the most commonly requested upgrades to the new bikes we sell is that addition of mudguards and racks.


img_blog_racks_2It is common now for many new bikes to be supplied as standard without mudguards. We have not really got a good answer for why this is, other than these bikes are sold all over the world and large sections of it have blue sky and sunshine for mostĀ of the year. Unfortunatley we do not and so the addition of mudguards is a good idea.

Nearly all Trek Hybrids and Sport Mountain Bikes have the required mounting points to add mudguards. These are th full length style that wrap around the wheel providing the maximum protection from spray. If your bike does not have the mounts there are other options available.


img_blog_racks_3Racks enable you to carry loads on your bike. Often a rucksack is not big enough, makes your back sweaty and not really great for carrying heavier items. When you fit a proper rack to your bike you will have the option to fit pannier bags to it. Another option of a rack can be the fitment of a child seat. There are various options available to mount a child seat, but rack mounted are especially secure and can carry a heavier child. Most of the Trek Hybrid and Sport Mountain Bike range have the required mounting points for racks.


img_blog_racks_1Rack bags, also called panniers, are specially designed to fit to the bike rack. They usually clip on and can then be carried like a briefcase. Depending on how much you want to carry, panniers go from small to large. They are also available with waterproof options if you intend to commute all year round. Heavy duty panniers are good for doing teh shopping and carrying heavier items.

So if you want advice, or would like to talk through your options then call in store. We always recommend having mudguards fitted by us. It can be a fiddly and it’s easier to have your bike prepared ready to ride.

Our range of accessories

Our carefully selected range of cycling accessories s intended to provide the best mix of quality and value for our customers. Rather than try to stock everything we choose brands we know you can trust to deliver excellent function and long life to enhance you cycling. Some partner brands include Endura Clothing, SIS Foods, Park Tools, Bontrager Footwear, Brooks Saddles and our own range of bicycle maintenance products.